In order to ensure chemical safety in the workplace, information must be available about the identities and hazards of the chemicals. OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires the development and dissemination of such information:

  • Chemical manufacturers and importers are required to evaluate the hazards of the chemicals they produce or import
  • Prepare labels and safety data sheets (SDS) to convey the hazard information to their downstream customers
  • All employers with hazardous chemicals in their workplaces must have labels and SDSs for their exposed workers, and train them to handle the chemicals appropriately

We help you create a safer work environment, save time, lower costs, and reduce the risk and liability associated with meeting compliance requirements set by OSHA, EPA, DOT, WHMIS, the Joint Commission (JCAHO) and other health and safety regulatory organizations.

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Category Part # Product Name SDS Sheet
AmerexA384TAmerex 1.4 lb HalotronLNJ-SDS-A384T.pdf
AmerexA441Amerex 10 lb ABC Brass ValveLNJ-SDS-A441.pdf
AmerexA397Amerex 11 lb HalotronLNJ-SDS-A397.pdf
AmerexA331Amerex 15 lb CO2LNJ-SDS-A331.pdf
AmerexA385TSAmerex 2 1/2 lb HalotronLNJ-SDS-A385TS.pdf
AmerexA412Amerex 20 lb BCLNJ-SDS-A412.pdf
AmerexA500Amerex 5 lb ABCLNJ-SDS-A500.pdf
AmerexA402Amerex 5 lb ABCLNJ-SDS-A402.pdf
AmerexA500TCAmerex 5 lb ABC Chrome w/Vehicle BracketLNJ-SDS-A500TC.pdf
AmerexA402TAmerex 5 lb ABC TallLNJ-SDS-A402T.pdf
AmerexA322Amerex 5 lb CO2LNJ-SDS-A322.pdf
AmerexA322NMAmerex 5 lb CO2 Non-MagneticLNJ-SDS-A322NM.pdf
Amerex Wheeled UnitsA333Amerex 50 lb CO2 Wheeled UnitLNJ-SDS-A333.pdf
Ansul9334ANSUL 45 LB PAIL LITH-XLnJ-SDS-9334.pdf
Ansul422817ANSUL 50LB FE-36 RECHARGELnJ-SDS-422817.pdf
Ansul9335ANSUL 50LB PAIL PURPLE KLnJ-SDS-9335.pdf
Ansul54391ANSUL 6% AFFF 5 GAL ANSULITELnJ-SDS-54391.pdf
Ansul426199ANSUL ANSULEX Low pH Wet Chemical Agent, 55 GALLON DRUMLnJ-SDS-426199.pdf
Ansul69284ANSUL AR33D 5 GAL RECHARGELnJ-SDS-69284.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled UnitsA456Amerex 10 lb ABCLnJ-SDS-A456.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled UnitsA680RAmerex 150 lb Class-D Wheeled Unit Sodium ChlorideLnJ-SDS-A680R.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled UnitsA417TAmerex 2 1/2 lb ABCLnJ-SDS-A417T.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled UnitsA417TCAmerex 2 1/2 lb ABC ChromeLnJ-SDS-A417TC.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled UnitsA411Amerex 20 lb ABCLnJ-SDS-A411.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled UnitsA571Amerex 30 lb Class-D CopperLnJ-SDS-A571.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled UnitsA570Amerex 30 lb Class-D Sodium ChlorideLnJ-SDS-A570.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled UnitsA500TAmerex 5 lb ABC w/Vehicle BracketLNJ-SDS-A500T.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled UnitsA443Amerex 6 lb ABCLnJ-SDS-A443.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435082Ansul Redline 10 lb ABC Model I-A-10-G-1LnJ-SDS-435082.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435084Ansul Redline 10 lb ABC Model RP-I-A-10-G-1LnJ-SDS-435084.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units434530Ansul Redline 10 lb BC Model I-10-G-1LnJ-SDS-434530.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435113Ansul Redline 20 lb ABC Model CR-I-A-20-G-1LnJ-SDS-435113.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435109Ansul Redline 20 lb ABC Model I-A-20-G-1LnJ-SDS-435109.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435111Ansul Redline 20 lb ABC Model RP-I-A-20-G-1LnJ-SDS-435111.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units434537Ansul Redline 20 lb BC Model I-20-G-1LnJ-SDS-434537.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units416316Ansul Redline 20 lb PK Model CR-I-K-20-GLnJ-SDS-416316.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units416309Ansul Redline 20 lb PK Model I-K-20-GLnJ-SDS-416309.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units416310Ansul Redline 20 lb PK Model RP-I-K-20-GLnJ-SDS-416310.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435151Ansul Redline 30 lb ABC Model I-A-30-G-1LnJ-SDS-435151.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435154Ansul Redline 30 lb ABC Model RP-I-A-30-G-1LnJ-SDS-435154.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435178Ansul Redline 30 lb BC Model I-30-G-1LnJ-SDS-435178.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435181Ansul Redline 30 lb BC Model RP-I-30-G-1LnJ-SDS-435181.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units418288Ansul Redline 30 lb Class-D Model MX-1-30-G-1LnJ-SDS-418288.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units418264Ansul Redline 30 lb PK Model I-K-30-GLnJ-SDS-418264.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units435065Ansul Redline 5 lb ABC Model A-5-1LnJ-SDS-435065.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units10082Ansul Redline 5 lb Purple-K Model K-5LnJ-SDS-10082.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units442411Ansul Sentry 15 lb CO2 Model CD15-1 (Steel)LnJ-SDS-442411.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units431555Ansul Sentry 15 lb CO2 Model CD15A-1 (Aluminum)LnJ-SDS-431555.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units436500Ansul Sentry 10 lb ABC Model AA10SLnJ-SDS-436500.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units431554Ansul Sentry 10 lb CO2 Model CD10A-1 (Aluminum)LnJ-SDS-431554.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units436494Ansul Sentry 10 lb Purple-K Model PK10SLnJ-SDS-436494.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units429022Ansul Sentry 13 lb. CLEANGUARD Model FE13LnJ-SDS-429022.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units432893Ansul Sentry 13 lb. CLEANGUARD Non-Magnetic Model FE13NMLnJ-SDS-432893.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units438735Ansul Sentry 2.5 lb. ABC Model A02SVBLnJ-SDS-438735.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units429107Ansul Sentry 2.5 lb. CLEANGUARD Model FE02SVBLnJ-SDS-429107.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units440940Ansul Sentry 20 lb ABC High Flow HF-AA20LnJ-SDS-440940.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units434747Ansul Sentry 20 lb ABC Model AA20-1LnJ-SDS-434747.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units431556Ansul Sentry 20 lb CO2 Model CD20A-1 (Aluminum)LnJ-SDS-431556.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units440930Ansul Sentry 20 lb PK High Flow HF-PK20LnJ-SDS-440930.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units429017Ansul Sentry 20 PLUS-FIFTY C Model C20LnJ-SDS-429017.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units442235Ansul Sentry 5 lb ABC Model A05S, 3-A:10-B:CLnJ-SDS-442235.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units442236Ansul Sentry 5 lb ABC Model A05SVB, 3-A:10-B:CLnJ-SDS-442236.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units442257Ansul Sentry 5 lb ABC Model AA05S-1, 3-A:40-B:CLnJ-SDS-442257.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units442258Ansul Sentry 5 lb ABC Model AA05S-1VBLnJ-SDS-442258.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units442255Ansul Sentry 5 lb. CLEANGUARD Model FE05S, 5-B:CLnJ-SDS-442255.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units434909Ansul Sentry 6L K-GUARD Model K01-2LnJ-SDS-434909.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units429021Ansul Sentry 9 lb. CLEANGUARD Model FE09LnJ-SDS-429021.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units433538Ansul Wheeled Unit CO2 100 lb Model CD-100-D-1LnJ-SDS-433538.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units31500Ansul Wheeled Unit PK 150 lb Model CR-I-K-150-CLnJ-SDS-31500.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units53874Ansul Wheeled Unit PK 150 lb Model CR-I-K-150-DLnJ-SDS-53874.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units21106Badger 10 lb CO2LnJ-SDS-21106.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units20684Badger 150 lb PK Wheeled UnitLNJ-SDS-20684.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units23485Badger 2 1/2 LB PK w/Vehicle BracketLnJ-SDS-23485.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units21006160Badger 20 lb ABC High FlowLnJ-SDS-21006160.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units23390Badger 5 LB ABCLnJ-SDS-23390.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units21005726Badger 5 lb ABC MRI DisposableLnJ-SDS-21005726.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units24567Badger 5 lb HalotronLnJ-SDS-24567.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units25064Badger 6 L Class-KLnJ-SDS-25064.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units21007867Badger Advantage 10 lb ABCLnJ-SDS-21007867.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units21007865Badger Advantage 2.5 lb w/Vehicle BracketLnJ-SDS-21007865.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units21007868Badger Advantage 20 lb ABCLnJ-SDS-21007868.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units21007866Badger Advantage 5 lb ABCLnJ-SDS-21007866.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units466521Badger Brigade 10 LB ABCLnJ-SDS-466521.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units466527Badger Brigade 20 LB ABCLnJ-SDS-466527.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units11350Buckeye 10 LB ABC HIGH FLOWLnJ-SDS-11350.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units11840Buckeye 10 LB BCLnJ-SDS-11840.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units45600Buckeye 10 lb CO2LnJ-SDS-45600.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units11740Buckeye 10 LB Purple-KLnJ-SDS-11740.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units11650Buckeye 10 LB Purple-K HIGH FLOWLnJ-SDS-11650.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units71100Buckeye 11 LB HalotronLnJ-SDS-71100.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units46100Buckeye 15 lb CO2LnJ-SDS-46100.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units71550Buckeye 15.5 LB HalotronLnJ-SDS-71550.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units13315Buckeye 2.5 LB ABC w/Vehicle BracketLnJ-SDS-13315.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units13415Buckeye 2.5 LB BC w/Vehicle BracketLnJ-SDS-13415.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units70251Buckeye 2.5 LB Halotron Fixed Nozzle w/Vehicle BracketLnJ-SDS-70251.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units46600Buckeye 20 lb CO2LnJ-SDS-46600.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units12120Buckeye 20 LB ABCLnJ-SDS-12120.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units12350Buckeye 20 LB ABC HIGH FLOWLnJ-SDS-12350.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units12220Buckeye 20 LB BCLnJ-SDS-12220.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units12620Buckeye 20 LB Purple-KLnJ-SDS-12620.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units52000Buckeye 30 LB Class-DLnJ-SDS-52000.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units25614Buckeye 5 LB ABC w/Vehicle BracketLnJ-SDS-25614.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units10914Buckeye 5 LB ABC w/Wall HookLnJ-SDS-10914.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units45100Buckeye 5 lb CO2LnJ-SDS-45100.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units70510Buckeye 5 LB Halotron Fixed NozzleLnJ-SDS-70510.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units75550Buckeye 5 LB Halotron w/HoseLnJ-SDS-75550.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units11014Buckeye 5.5 LB BCLnJ-SDS-11014.pdf
Extinguishers & Wheeled Units50006Buckeye 6 L Class-KLnJ-SDS-50006.pdf
System Components15850ANSUL 101-10 CARTIDGELnJ-SDS-15850.pdf
System Components17492ANSUL 101-20 CARTRIDGELnJ-SDS-17492.pdf
System Components15851ANSUL 101-30 CARTRIDGELnJ-SDS-15851.pdf
System Components79694ANSUL ANSULEX Low pH Wet Chemical Agent, 1.5 GALLONLnJ-SDS-79694.pdf
System Components79372ANSUL ANSULEX Low pH Wet Chemical Agent, 3 GALLONLnJ-SDS-79372.pdf
System Components73022ANSUL DOUBLE TANK CARTRIDGELnJ-SDS-73022.pdf
System Components79656SANSUL FLUSH CONCENTRATE - 32 OZ BOTTLELnJ-SDS-79656S.pdf
System Components79656ANSUL FLUSH KIT, 32 OZ (12 BOTTLES)LnJ-SDS-79656.pdf
System Components7032ANSUL LT-20-R CARTRIDGELnJ-SDS-7032.pdf
System Components5373ANSUL LT-30-R CARTRIDGELnJ-SDS-5373.pdf
System Components29187ANSUL LTA-101-30 CARTRIDGELnJ-SDS-29187.pdf
System Components423320ANSUL PIRANHA AGENT 5 GALLON - PRX AGENT (4.5 GALLON PAIL)LnJ-SDS-423320.pdf